Massage Therapy

Clinically proven to reduce soreness and tightness in your muscles!

Who doesn’t love a good massage? Whether it’s a backrub from your spouse or an hour-long session from an experienced pro, massages are relaxing and rejuvenating. But they’re also medically beneficial, and can help you relax and rebuild as part of a physical therapy regimen!

Why Massage for PT?

So first off, it’s important to distinguish between massage and the manual, hands-on work often found in physical therapy. Though it can target certain areas, massage typically takes a more holistic approach with relaxation, mental health, and overall well-being as the goal. Physical therapy is usually focused on a specific body part and related areas that are not functioning correctly.

Physical therapy and massage therapy also target different structures. While physical therapy sometimes uses soft tissue work, massage is exclusively focused on soft tissue, specifically skin and muscles. Physical therapy also deals with ligaments, joints, bones, and other body structures, and as a result can tackle some issues that massage cannot: sprains, arthritis, and surgical recovery.

With that said, massage is clinically proven to reduce soreness and tightness in your muscles and is an excellent adjunct to your well being so we encourage that you work it into your physical therapy routine!

What Do We Offer?

Physical Therapy Partners is proud to offer massage therapy in-house! Massage therapist Robin Innes (LMBT NC9614) provides medical massage sessions by appointment. She is a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in exercise science and ten years of experience in massage therapy, originally trained at the Body therapy Institute.

These sessions integrate stress and pain reduction as you work through your physical therapy program. Regular manual body work maintains the gains you’ve made in physical therapy, promotes relaxation, and maintains your fitness. These 60 or 90 minute sessions are the perfect complement to physical therapy and will heal both your mind and body.

Please note that sessions are by appointment only and are not covered by insurance; payment is made directly to the therapist at the time of treatment.