How Seniors Can Maintain Mobility

Your golden years are full of moments you wouldn’t dream of missing out on. From dancing at your child’s wedding to chasing after grandkids, these times are indeed precious. The last thing you want is for pain or mobility issues to stop you from participating.

The ability to move and maintain your movement is essential to your health. Of course, mobility issues are common with aging. How you walk, what daily tasks you perform, and your levels of strength and balance all dictate your abilities. Regular exercise is one of the best ways to both prevent and improve joint pain. By maximizing your mobility and moving your body often, you’ll maximize your enjoyment of life and your independence.

If you’re hoping to maintain or improve your mobility, try implementing these tips into your routine:

Take a Walk

The sedentary lifestyle has a way of creeping up on us. After years behind a desk, many seniors find themselves spending their retirement in their recliners. While there’s nothing wrong with a relaxing evening spent reading or watching TV, be sure to incorporate easy movement throughout the day to undo some of that sitting. Start small – even a five minute walk around the block is a great way to get the blood flowing and your muscles working.

Get Up and Down Frequently

Do you groan, sigh, or huff and puff when getting off the couch? It’s not unusual for older people to experience difficulty pulling themselves out of a seated position. Thankfully, this challenge is easy to address. Simply get up and down more frequently. Aim to sit down and stand back up five times consecutively. This popular physical therapy exercise is a great way to build leg strength in a practical way. Don’t be afraid to use your arms to assist at first!

Try Yoga or Tai Chi

If you’re looking for ways to relax, improve your fitness levels, and meet new people, try scheduling a weekly Tai Chi or yoga class. Most classes aimed at seniors will be relatively low-impact, with a focus on balance and gentle movement. These forms of exercise are great for boosting mobility, as they focus on mindful poses to improve flexibility and muscle strength.

Schedule a PT Session

When mobility is a real concern, a few physical therapy sessions can help ease your worries. Just a few hours with the PTP team can show you what you’re really capable of – you may really surprise yourself with your progress. By mastering key mobility exercises with a professional, you can carry that knowledge throughout this season of life.