Managing Chronic Pain with Physical Therapy

Each year, more than 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. As our populations ages, these numbers are likely to increase. More than a mere inconvenience, chronic pain can significantly impact a person’s quality of life, including their ability to perform daily tasks or hold down a job.

Methods for treating chronic pain are evolving. Until very recently, doctors work turn to pain medications to ease symptoms. The opioid epidemic has decreased this practice significantly. Instead, alternative treatments are now recommended, including massage, acupuncture, and physical therapy. These treatments can reduce pain and help patients improve their mobility.

What is Chronic Pain?

People living with chronic conditions may experience varying levels of pain for many months to many years. Cancer, arthritis, herniated discs, fractures, sprains, and nerve damage are all common culprits. Chronic pain patients tend to see a particular joint or muscle group impacted. Chronic pain can impact a person’s concentration and their ability to perform certain movements. In some cases, patients may discover they’re unable to move a muscle or joint at all without some resulting pain.

How PT Can Help 

Unlike pain medications, which just put a bandaid on the problem, physical therapy can get to the root of what’s causing chronic pain. Because chronic pain is often associated with damaged muscles or joints, improving the range of motion can improve symptoms. More movement of joints encourages the body’s natural response to improve strength, endurance, mobility, and muscle tone. Pain decreases as a result.

For those with specific injuries, physical therapy can help improve circulation to the joint and tissues. This promotes healing and ensures the person can move the joint without additional damage. Consider how sore you might feel after a long road trip. Limited motion causes pain during movement, so routine treatment with a physical therapist may reduce the risk of chronic pain while improving symptoms.

Find Relief with Physical Therapy

If you’re suffering from chronic pain issues, physical therapy may be the solution. Schedule an appointment today to start down the road to healing.