Top Cary Running Trails

We’ve previously discussed the importance of proper running form on our blog. We’ll go into a very brief recap below (read the running form blog for more detailed information!) and then we’ll go into some great locations in Cary to get outside and go for a run this summer.

Proper Running Form

Proper running form is essential for efficiency and injury prevention. Here are some key things to consider:

  1. Posture: Maintain an upright posture with a slight forward lean from the ankles. Avoid leaning too far forward from the hips or arching the back excessively.
  2. Head Position: Keep your head level and eyes focused ahead, not down at your feet. Relax your jaw and neck muscles to avoid tension.
  3. Arms: Bend your elbows at approximately 90 degrees and swing your arms naturally back and forth, keeping them close to your body. Avoid crossing your arms in front of your chest or letting them swing too widely.
  4. Shoulders: Keep your shoulders relaxed and down, not hunched up toward your ears. Avoid shrugging or tensing your shoulders.
  5. Leg Movement: Stride naturally, landing with a midfoot or forefoot strike under your center of gravity. Avoid overstriding (landing with your foot too far in front of your body) or landing heavily on your heels.

Cary Running Trails

Now that you have your basics down when it comes to running form, throw on that new pair of running shoes and hit these local trails and greenways.

  • American Tobacco Trail (ATT): While the American Tobacco Trail primarily runs through Durham and Chatham counties, it extends into Cary, providing a scenic and well-maintained trail for runners. The trail stretches over 22 miles and offers a relatively flat terrain, making it ideal for long-distance running or leisurely jogs.
  • White Oak Creek Greenway: This greenway in Cary features a paved trail that meanders alongside White Oak Creek. It offers a tranquil setting with beautiful views of the surrounding nature and is suitable for runners of all skill levels. The trail is approximately 1.6 miles long, providing a convenient option for shorter runs or casual walks.
  • Black Creek Greenway: This greenway offers a picturesque route along Black Creek and through wooded areas. The trail is paved and well-maintained, making it suitable for running, walking, or biking. It spans approximately 7 miles and connects various neighborhoods and parks in Cary.
  • Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve: This Cary running trail features several hiking trails that wind through a unique Piedmont bluff ecosystem. While the trails are primarily for hiking, they offer a peaceful and scenic setting for trail running enthusiasts looking to experience nature.

Did we miss any other great Cary running trails? Let us know!