What to Expect from Your First Physical Therapy Appointment

Have you recently made the decision to start physical therapy? Congratulations – taking the first step to schedule your initial appointment is half the battle! Our team of licensed physical therapists are eager and ready to help support you in your goals. To prepare you for the smoothest first appointment possible, we’ve gathered a few tips:

What to Wear

Physical therapy involves a variety of physical movements, so you’ll want to dress as though you’re heading to the gym. Wear anything you feel comfortable in; from loungewear sets to leggings and athletic shorts, the sky is truly the limit.

Your outfit should allow for easy access to the places where pain is present. If you’re struggling with knee issues, for instance, you’ll want to be sure to wear pants that can be easily rolled up to your thigh.

Initial Assessments

Much of your first appointment will be spent assessing the issues you’re starting physical therapy to address. Bring a list of two or three things that disrupt your daily life. For instance, if you struggle to go down stairs without pain in your knee, bring it up to your physical therapist. Such examples help our team understand your pain points and determine what your goals should be. At your appointment, you’ll receive further instructions about your expected treatment plan and the duration of care. You’ll also receive information about a home exercise plan to keep moving long after your physical therapy journey has ended.

What to Bring 

As you prepare for your first physical therapy appointment, be sure to bring along your photo ID, insurance card, and, if you have one, your therapy prescription. You’ll receive an overview of your healthcare benefits for therapy once you arrive. You may also want to bring a bottle of water.

Our skilled therapists work 1:1 with patients. Once you commit to the journey of healing, our team will do everything in our power to support your goals. The more invested you are in the process, the more efficiently we are able to deliver treatment. Schedule your first appointment today!